Method Seven Optics

Method Seven Grow Optics.
Pro tip : Safety First! Don’t Grow Blind.

Method Seven technology blends incredible color balancing for each of the standard grow lighting spectrums (HPS, Metal Halide, LED, Sun) with exceptionally high quality lenses that provide the best in optical clarity. Additionally, Method Seven protection removes all harmful UV A/B rays like most others but additionally also removes harmful UVC rays which are filtered out of sunlight by the upper atmosphere, but pose a significant hazard under grow lighting.

Many growers suffer through unnecessary stress, fatigue, decreased yield, and even permanent eye injury from using sunglasses or cheaper knock-off grow room glasses. At best, even premium sunglasses attenuate (decrease) excess light in the grow room but do a horrible job of color balancing in indoor lighting environments, leading not only to discomfort and stress, but also to poor viewing and maintenance of your plants. Cheap grow room glasses do an okay job of color balancing, but typically have very poor optical quality and inadequate protection from UVC rays.

Exclusive corporate pricing available through COWA Science.

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Gavita Light Emitting Plasma

Step up your game with plasma technology. Add supplemental spectrum, including UVA and UVB

Gavita is a pioneer in plasma lighting technology. We are the largest provider of plasma grow lights world-wide. Professional breeders, growers and research facilities use our plasma lighting to achieve results only surpassed by natural sunlight. Plasma lighting is a game changer when it comes to quality lighting and crop quality improvement.

High Country Genetic

High Country Genetics was established in 2016 in the hills of Mendocino County, the Wild West of California. Dusty, the founder of the project and master breeder of the genetics, has spent over a decade diligently collecting exotic strains and is passionate about breeding exclusive and unparalleled original crosses. For years he has been working on perfecting his craft and has achieved a standard that he is proud to share. Without further ado, Dusty is finally ready to offer some of his private reserve collection to the cannabis community.

High Country Genetics is more than just a typical genetics company. Not only do we provide some of the highest quality, unique, and stable genetics in the industry, we also take the time to ensure that each run of seeds is small batch crafted, hand selected and packaged, as well as date stamped and tested. This is done to assure growers that with our genetics, growers will have the best chance of growing the world’s finest flowers.

We do things a bit different, but that’s what sets us apart from all the rest. High Country Genetics was founded on the principle that fine American genetics and cannabis products should be available to professional growers. Several of the strains were derived from stock that has been carefully guarded in the backcountry of Mendocino and Humboldt counties, only now resurfacing in very special and remarkable varieties. High Country Genetics is quickly becoming known for their very striking flavor palette, amazing terpene profiles, and alluring colorful blue and purple toned strains.

High Country Genetics is so much more than just a seed company, it’s a way of life!

Not only do we take pride in the art of producing quality cannabis, we live life according to our own rules. We make them up as we go, and have a lot of laughs and good times along the way. Some might call us rebellious. Some say we’re being inappropriate. We might make some people nervous… But don’t worry, it’s all in good fun!


High Country Genetics