Energy Efficiency
Data Storage
Block Chain

Begin to fully utilize your companies data from environmental conditions, employee costs and inputs to increased yields, lower production costs, and reduced use of water.

COWA Science takes into account the interactions between systems and building components. We will identify and evaluate mechanical, and electrical energy-saving design options. We will find ways of improving your building performance; reducing operating costs; and comply with energy-performance goals, local or state energy requirements. 

Use COWA Science data storage to map trends that will allow you to better understand costs and create projections for future harvests.

November of 2018 COWA Science will be rolling out our proprietary technology that integrates with a majority of the automation systems, environmental condition readers, and accounting software that will create the most robust projections and COGs models in cannabis to date. 

COWA Science uses Block Chain technology to maintain anonymity of data while creating an industry wide understanding of trends broken down by segment, state, county and city.  

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