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COWA Science has built a robust network of investors and capital options that can help take your business to the next level. Because when you grow your business – so do we!

The only concrete thing in a startup is the founding team. The people behind the venture are key to the success of the venture. Their understanding of the space, their experience, their ability to execute consistently, ability to develop the product and business to stay ahead of the curve, grow and lead a complementary team are the key success factors that angel investors look for. 

As a client/partner of COWA Science, your company will have the necessary projections and commercial supply chain that shows the efficiency and COGS that investors are looking for. 

COWA offers payment terms to qualified companies, and in some cases, revolving lines of credit may be available to allow your company purchase equipment.
We offer financing that provides an incremental line of capital to purchase your inputs and flexible payment options that can help improve your operation’s cash flow with special term financing that allows you to align crop year expenses to crop year revenues for improved cash flow. 

COWA offers financial projections as a service for cannabis businesses in its network. Some companies may only need our financial projections. You may already have a business plan or are writing it on your own. Our industry-leading financial models can be built for any business in the industry.

Capital expenditures can include everything from repairing a roof to building, to purchasing a piece of equipment, or building a brand new factory.

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