COWA creates efficiency

Welcome to 2018! Its Crunch time California!!

Let COWA Science handle the logistics of supplies for your Cannabis Business so you can continue to GROW your empire.

Save time, money and stress! From toilet paper to agar to grow lights ……. you need it, we’ve got it….. and will handle all the stress to get it in your hands…. and if we don’t have it – we will find it! Door to Door service – competitive pricing and higher productivity guaranteed!

Current Service Areas in : Colorado, California, Nevada, Washington, Oregon

Coming Soon : Massachusetts, Maryland, Maine, Florida & Arkansas

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Gavita Light Emitting Plasma

Step up your game with plasma technology. Add supplemental spectrum, including UVA and UVB

Gavita is a pioneer in plasma lighting technology. We are the largest provider of plasma grow lights world-wide. Professional breeders, growers and research facilities use our plasma lighting to achieve results only surpassed by natural sunlight. Plasma lighting is a game changer when it comes to quality lighting and crop quality improvement.